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What to Expect

During this time of year, the sun is only up for about five hours and never goes 5° above the horizon so when it is laid out, the colors are just absolutely incredible. It is basically a five hour long sunrise/sunset so the golden light provides for incredible artistic opportunities around the entire archipelago. Our goal is to work from the southern end of the archipelago, and as the week goes on move further north. Learn more about Lofoten in Winter

We will have our own photography and video equipment and you are highly encouraged to bring your own equipment and drones. 

We will pick you up from the airport and/or rendezvous at the lodge for dinner together where we will get to know one another and discuss the plan for the week based on weather. There are beautiful spots to be seen everywhere on these islands. The fishing villages are incredibly beautiful with red and yellow houses lining the shores. In addition, the beaches will freeze over and create beautiful icy textures with the fjords in the background, allowing us to experiment with very unique compositions that you can’t get anywhere else in the world. 

It’ll be an arctic tundra the time we’re up there, so you must prepare to be outside in extremely cold and windy conditions. The most beautiful imagery is captured at sunrise and sunset so timing is of the essence.

The Aurora should come out sometime during that week in addition to incredible stars and many different locations to see both at the same time along with sheets of ice and absolutely incredible mountain scenery, anyone attending the trip is open to suggest what they’d like to do. 

This is a no pressure trip. If you’d like to rent a vehicle and go explore on your own, or stay at the hotel to relax, you’re more than welcome to. Just let us know where you’re headed and when you can be expected back.

The islands are north of the 68th parallel. For those well versed in meteorology and geology, it means that the place can get nasty weather. The sea tempers the climate quite a bit so the temperatures might not be far south of freezing at the time we get there. If it’s really cold (below -10C), chances are we are having calm weather and clear skies (good thing). 

There are only around 25,000 people that live in the archipelago and there are no fast food places. Note that meals and beverages are not included in the price. We’ll plan to dine together at a restaurant once per day and hope you’ll join us. We will stop at a local market if you’d like to pick up food for personal preparation, and will regularly stop at gas stations for snacks and drinks.

Weather will be unpredictable. We may experience crazy winds, and we might have calm, beautiful days. No one knows, even though we might have a good indication a few days prior. We’ll do our best to make the most of our experience.